Bethel Independent Baptist Church

Bethel Independent Baptist Church was started by a missionary in the early sixties. It has been pastored for the last ten years by Pastor Jody Sleppy.  Pastor Sleppy grew up in Bethel when  his father, veteran missionary John Sleppy, was pastor here many years ago.

The church is located across from the AC store next to Subway.
Service times are:
10:00am Sunday School
11:00am Morning Service
6:00pm Evening Service
7:00pm Bible Study and Prayer

Pastor Sleppy and family


Bethel Independent Baptist Church
P.O. Box 1662
Bethel, AK 99559
907/543-4091 (Church phone)
907/543-1843 (Pastor’s home)


One Response to Bethel Independent Baptist Church

  1. I had a great week and wish I could have spent more time with you guys. If I hadn’t promised my family I would return as soon as I could, I would have stayed another day or two. Hope the rest of your time in Unalakleet was profitable. God Bless!

    Bruce Claypool
    907/545-2051 cell phone

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