Contact/Family info


Home Address:
P.O. Box 2905
Bethel, AK 99559
(907)543-5310 home
(907)545-2051 cell

Sending Church:
Baywiew Baptist Church
Pastor Keith Thibo
22648 Grosenbach Rd.
Washington, IL 61571

Bruce – 1/11/73
Susan – 6/19/73
Savannah – 9/8/2000
Lauren – 5/27/2003
Colin – 10/30/2007


8 Responses to Contact/Family info

  1. Any donations can be sent to our sending church Bayview Baptist Church 22648 Grosenbach Rd. Washington, IL 61571. I appreciate your desire to help. Are you from Alaska or down in the 48?

  2. Ben Brandt says:

    Brother Claypool,

    I was reading your prayer letter and greatly encouraged by the progress you are making in Bethel!
    My name is Ben Brandt, I am a member of Treasure Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho. Our Pastor is Rick DeMichele.
    My wife and I lead the RU Recovery program at our church, therefore I am always interested in works in areas that have seen the impacts of addiction.
    Thank you for serving the Lord in Bethel, I spent the night there once in about 2016 and am somewhat familiar with the struggles of rural Alaska. We will add you to our prayer list and should we ever find ourselves in Bethel again we will stop in for church or to say hello.
    As a side note, your airplane looks pretty shiny for rural alaska, I am assuming you brought it up from the lower 48. Hopefully, it is still just as shiny.

    Thanks and make it a great day in the Lord!

    • It is most definitely not as shiny now! Those pictures were straight out of a fresh paint job. Twelve years of western Alaska’s climate have taken a toll. If you wouldn’t mind, please send me an email so I can keep in touch with you. I would love to find out what brought you to Bethel in 2016. We have also had an interest in RU for a few years but haven’t pursued it yet. I would really like to have some more input on the process, resources, etc… involved.
      Bruce Claypool

  3. Dave Zed says:

    Hi, my mother’s maiden name is Claypool, her father from PA and then moved to Cleveland. I lived in Bethel from 2006 – 2011. Are we related? David Zed

    • Hey Dave,
      Been busy and just noticed your comment here. My dad’s family is from western PA (Kittaning area). My grandparents moved away from there when my dad was very young but we still have connections with family in PA. I would have no idea, but there is a strong possibility that we are related to some degree. There are LOTS of Claypools in western PA. If you know some of your grandfather’s family, I could check with my aunts and uncles. What were you doing here in Bethel? It’s too bad we didn’t connect while you were here.

      Bruce Claypool

  4. Christina Macioce says:

    Good Evening! My name is Christina Macioce. I am moving to Bethel from Las Vegas NV on 8/7/2022. I am a Christian who is looking for a church to attend.

    • Sorry for the late response! I don’t check the website very often. Hope you made it out to Bethel. Give me a call anytime and we’ll be happy to be a help in any way we can. (907)545-2051 My email is Our church is across from the AC store by the Bun and Baked subway shop. We’ll be there tonight (8/10) at 7:00 for our midweek service. Hope to meet you soon! Bruce

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